Electric cooperatives have a unique ability to ‘act ahead.’ Not only are we forward-thinking, but we’re agile enough to make decisions today that will continue to serve our members in the future. We’re investing in the infrastructure, technology and employees needed to provide the right type of power at the right price both today and into the 21st century.

While we are your direct source for electricity, we do have a man behind the curtain helping support us in providing you with affordable, reliable and renewable energy. Wolverine Power Cooperative is our generation and transmission partner – a co-op in its own right that makes key decisions about where your electricity comes from and how your electricity gets to you.

Wolverine makes its decisions about our energy future by balancing five key components.

1) Diverse Supply Mix: By refusing to rely on a single source of power, Wolverine ensures that our members don’t run the risk of seeing skyrocketing prices or outages when one power source isn’t available.

2) Asset Ownership: Wolverine owns and operates seven power plants of their own to ensure that we’re not relying solely on outside forces to bring our members their electricity.

3) Environmental Stewardship: Wolverine proudly maintains compliance with every major and minor regulation put in place to protect our planet, and they’re leading the state in renewable energy generation with their commitment to harnessing the power of wind.

4) Competitive Rates: Since they’re a non-profit entity, they provide wholesale power direct to consumers without middlemen that require payouts.

5) Long-Term Price Stability: Wolverine works hard to plan for the future to ensure that PIE&G’s members’ bills remain level as energy prices continue to ebb and flow. Wolverine is making decisions now to benefit our members for decades to come.

PIE&G is able to stay agile because we exist for our members, not for the bottom line. Because our decisions are based on humans instead of dollars, we are able to rally our community around their own ideals. You want more access to renewable energy? We’ll work with Wolverine to build a power supply mix with more renewables than the rest of the state. You want to keep your bill low? Wolverine helps us stay on the cutting edge of technology to ensure that we are only running the necessary generators when you need them. You’ve heard that Michigan is in an energy crisis? Wolverine has been building additional electric capacity for decades to ensure our members will never be in the dark.

In short, we’ve got you covered. To us, that’s what it means to be sustainable.

Our doors, phone lines and comment boards are always open. If you’re concerned about the future of energy in Michigan, please let us know. We’d love to ease your mind directly. Take a look at Wolverine’s website for more information about power sources, supply and our cooperative dedication to you.