As a cooperative, community involvement is at the core of PIE&G’s business. We are member-owned and member-regulated, and we are working for the sustainable development of our communities through policies accepted by our members. It’s our mission, as your electric and gas co-operative, to be a trusted energy and community partner.

Whether it’s participating in festivals and local events across our service territory, or providing college scholarships to high school graduates, grants to schools and nonprofits through the PIE&G Communities First Fund, our commitment to northeast Michigan communities is strong.

Communities First Fund

The PIE&G Communities First Fund was created in 1998 for the purpose of collecting and disbursing funds for the benevolent and philanthropic needs (i.e. humanitarian, youth, educational, and civic development) of individuals and organizations in the service area of Presque Isle Electric & Gas Co-op, as determined by its volunteer, independent Board of Directors.

The PIE&G Communities First Fund assists our local communities with many worthy projects, including those by emergency medical responders, fire departments, youth organizations, law enforcement agencies, local charities and educational institutions.

Members in the program voluntarily donate the “round up” amount on their utility bills to the next whole dollar. The average contribution is about 50 cents per month, or around $6 annually per meter.  All contributions are tax deductible.

Please consider participation in the PIE&G Communities First Fund.  Print off and complete the enrollment form, or call our Member Services Department at 1-800-423-6634.  After completing the enrollment form, you may drop it off at our office or mail the form along with your utility payment to PIE&G, P O Box 308, Onaway, MI  49765.

These small donations add up to make a BIG difference in northeast Michigan— over $1.5 million has been returned to help our local communities to date!

Grant Guidelines

  • Grants are limited to $10,000 annually for organizations.
  • Applicants may not re-apply within 6 months of a previous application.
  • Organizations must submit latest financial statements, bylaws, and proof of non-profit status with application.
  • Grants are generally intended to benefit youth and for humanitarian, philanthropic, educational, and civic development purposes.
  • Funds must be utilized within 6 months of being awarded. Funds not claimed will result in the grant being rescinded.

Grant Restrictions

The Fund does not make grants for:

  • Fundraising campaigns.
  • Administrative or general operating expenses, i.e. overhead, wages, utility expenses, professional/counsulting fees, etc.
  • Organizations strictly serving outside the 9 county service territory of PIE&G (Alcona, Alpena, Cheboygan, Emmet, Mackinac, Montmorency, Otsego, Oscoda, and Presque Isle).
  • Religious activities or programs serving specific religious groups or denominations. However, faith-based organizations may submit inquiries if the project falls within our guidelines and serves a broad segment of the population.
  • Individuals.
  • Political campaigns.
  • Expenditures already incurred.
  • Endowment Funding.
  • For Profit organizations are excluded.

Meeting Schedule

The PIE&G Communities First Fund board of directors meets quarterly on the second Wednesday of March, June, September and December.

  • Grant Application Deadline is February 1st for the March meeting.
  • Grant Application Deadline is May 1st for the June meeting.
  • Grant Application Deadline is August 1st for the September meeting.
  • Grant Application Deadline is November 1st for the December meeting.



Each year the Presque Isle Electric & Gas Communities First Fund awards college scholarships of $1,000, and one $500 scholarship in honor of A. B. Travis.  Scholarship eligibility is limited to recipients who:

  1.  Are graduating seniors and legal dependents of a PIE&G member, or residing with a PIE&G member for at least 12 months prior to applying for the scholarship; and
  2.  Plan on being a full-time college student (12 or more credit hours per semester/term) at an accredited college or university located in Michigan.

Scholarship applications are accepted between January 1st and March 1st.  The Board reviews all applications and makes their selection in April.  Candidates are notified and presentation is made at their respective high school awards ceremony, if appropriate.


Scholarship Application
Scholarship Rules, Requirements, and Eligibility Information

Please contact our office if you have questions.

*Presque Isle Electric & Gas Communities First Fund Bylaws (Revised 2014), ARTICLE XXVII

AUDIT: No less than once every two years the Board of Directors of the FUND shall cause the books and records of the FUND to be audited by a certified public accountant and a report in keeping with sound accounting principles shall be issued to the Board of Directors of the FUND and the Board of Directors of Presque Isle Electric & Gas Co-op.