Our Mission

Our History


In the early decades of the 20th century, most of northeast Michigan was literally in the dark. On September 22, 1937, Presque Isle Electric Cooperative set its first pole in the village of Posen. The lines built that fall were the first to be energized by a cooperative in the state, bringing electricity to 82 farm homes just in time for Christmas. The “REA” cooperative soon extended lines to Montmorency and Cheboygan counties to provide electric service to rural homes.

In 1994, the co-op became Presque Isle Electric & Gas Co-op when it entered the natural gas business, once again providing a valuable service to citizens of rural areas when other big companies would not.

In 2021, PIE&G provides energy services to 30,800 active members. We serve approximately 12,400 natural gas meters and 33,800 electric meters throughout our nine-county service territory. We maintain 568 miles of gas pipeline and 4,909 miles of electric lines, with 3,841 miles of overhead and 1,068 miles of line underground. We serve approximately 7.5 members per mile of line.

With 94 full time employees and several more temporary employees, Presque Isle Electric & Gas Co-op is one of the largest employers in Presque Isle County. We are a company built on the premise of providing outstanding service to rural areas that other companies refused to serve, a premise we continue to uphold and strive to improve upon today.

Cooperative Principles