Report an Outage


Log in to your SmartHub account and select “Report an Outage.” Include any additional information in the notes section. You can also report your outage from the SmartHub app.


Call us at 1-800-423-6634 or (989)733-8515. You can report your outage through our automated phone system or wait to speak to a Member Services Representative.

Outage Tips

Outage Preparation

Be prepared before a potential power outage, especially when severe weather is forecasted.

Michigan Winters

Here in northern Michigan, cold temps, winds, and ice and snow storms make staying warm and safe a bit of a challenge.

Winter Storm Safety

Snow load, ice and winds can lead to downed power lines and loss of power.

Planned Outages

When we are working on system upgrades or routine maintenance, you will receive a phone notification from Presque Isle Electric & Gas Co-op informing you of a planned outage.