Service Territory

In 1994, Presque Isle Electric & Gas Co-op entered the natural gas business, once again providing a valuable service to rural areas when other companies wouldn’t.

Today, we service 12,934 natural gas meters throughout our nine-county service territory, and maintain 886 miles of gas pipeline.

We provide natural gas service in portions of the following areas:

Alcona, Caledonia, and Hawes Townships

Green, Long Rapids, Maple Ridge, and Ossineke Townships

Aloha, Benton, Inverness, Koehler, and Mullett Townships

Avery, Briley, Hillman, Loud, Montmorency, Rust, and Vienna Townships

Bagley, Charlton and Chester Townships

Allis, Bearinger, Belknap, Bismarck, Case, Krakow, Metz, Moltke, Ocqueoc, Presque Isle, Pulawski, and Rogers Townships

Cities of Onaway and Rogers City; the community of Atlanta; and Villages of Hillman, Millersburg, and Posen

All natural gas franchises are regulated by Home Rule

Natural Gas Service Territory