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To access your account anytime online, click here to be directed to SmartHub, our secure payment site. You may pay your bill online using a check or credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. In addition to the payments, you may also submit readings for your account(s).

  • If you have more than one account, please verify each account number and the payment amount to ensure that your payment is applied properly.
  • If you need to create a SmartHub account, a registration link is on the SmartHub landing page.
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Enroll in Autopay with PIE&G:

  • The free SmartHub app is available on Google Play or the Apple Store. If you choose automatic payments through your bank account, we ask that you complete this A.C.H. form and mail it to PIE&G, P.O. Box 308, Onaway, MI, 49765.
  • Via our automated phone system at (866) 999-4571. For detailed instructions, click here.
  • In-person at our office located at 3149 Main Street, Onaway, MI 49770

Enrolling in Autopay provides PIE&G members with the convenience of hassle-free payments, ensuring your bills are paid on time, every time. It’s a simple and effective way to avoid late fees and service interruptions. Plus, enjoy the peace of mind knowing your payment will be processed on the due date and appear on your monthly bank or credit card statement. PIE&G Connect members also receive a $5 discount on their monthly bill by signing up for Autopay. Simplify your bill payments and start saving today by joining Autopay. Please note that if you have more than one account, each account has to be enrolled for Autopay individually.

Using our automated phone system, you may report your meter reading and pay your bill by calling 1‑866‑999‑4571 anytime. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. We also accept personal checks – call us first to set up your PIN number to enable personal checks to be used with this service.

  • For questions or address updates, please call 1-800-423-6634 during business hours to speak with a Member Services representative.
  • For detailed instructions on how to set up autopayment by phone, click here.


PO Box 308
Onaway, MI 49765-0308

PIE&G Headquarters

3149 Main Street
PO Box 308
Onaway, MI 49765-0308

Drive-thru and in-office hours of 8 am-4:30 pm or our dropbox 24/7.

We’ve partnered with the following locations to allow you to make a payment in person at a location near you.


Alpena Alcona Area Credit Union
1100 S. Bagley Street · (989) 356-3577

HPC Credit Union
1234 W. Chisholm Street · (989) 354-4698

HPC Credit Union
150 S. Ripley Boulevard · (989) 354-4698

Wolverine State Credit Union
1381 N. Bagley Street · (989) 356-1880


Atlanta Hardware
12374 State Street · (989) 785-3351


Alpena Alcona Credit Union
1005 S. Main St · (989) 356-3577

Indian River

Awakon Federal Credit Union
3615 S. Straits Highway · (231) 238-8331


Awakon Federal Credit Union
20855 Washington Avenue · (989) 733-8557


Alpena Alcona Credit Union
10514 Michigan Avenue · (989) 766-8111

Rogers City

Awakon Federal Credit Union
279 Bradley Highway · (989) 734-2772

Alpena Alcona Credit Union
478 N 3rd St · (989) 356-3577


Awakon Federal Credit Union
12842 S. Straits Hwy · (231) 525-8118

*Attention: Please allow ten (10) days for your payment to be transmitted to PIE&G if paid in person at Pay Stations. Because of this delay, please do NOT use a Pay Station if your account is past due and in disconnect status, as PIE&G may not receive your payment transmittal in time to avoid shut off.

Home Heating Assistance

Contact: Presque Isle Electric & Gas Co-op

The Winter Protection Plan protects eligible senior and low-income customers from service shut-offs and high utility bill payments during the winter months (November 1 through March 31).

You may enroll between Nov. 1 and March 31. To participate, you must agree to the terms of the Winter Protection Plan for the upcoming heating season.
For the purposes of this program, a low- income member is someone whose household income does not exceed 150% of federal poverty guidelines or who receives any of the following:
• Department of Human Services cash assistance,
• Food Stamps, or
• Medicaid

If you are an eligible low-income customer, you will not have utility service discontinued from November 1 through March 31, if:
• You pay at least 7% of your estimated annual bill each month and
• You make monthly payments of 1/12 of any past due bills.

If you are an eligible low-income customer whose utility service has been shut-off before applying for Winter Protection, the utility cannot require you to pay a fee for restoring your service or a security deposit during the space-heating season. The utility also cannot require you to pay more than one- twelfth of your arrearage in order to restore service or to initiate participation in the Winter Protection Program.

You are an eligible senior citizen customer if you are 65 years of age or older. If you are an eligible senior citizen customer you may enroll between November 1 and March 31. When Winter Protection ends (March 31), you must begin to repay the full monthly bill plus a portion of the amount owed from the winter months, each month from April 1 through October 31. If you are an eligible senior citizen and participate in the Winter Protection Plan, you are not required to make specific payments between November 1 and March 31 to ensure that your service will not be shut-off. However, you are encouraged to pay whatever you can during the winter so you will not have large, unmanageable bills when the protection period ends.

Participation does not relieve members from responsibility for paying for electricity and natural gas usage, but does prevent shut-off during the winter months. At the end of the protection period, both low-income and senior citizens participating in the plan must call to make arrangements to pay any money owed before the start of the next protection period.

For more information, see your November-December issue of Michigan Country Lines magazine.

Contact: Michigan Department of Treasury

For help with winter heating costs, apply for a Home Heating Credit (HHC) if you have a low income, are receiving agency assistance, or are receiving unemployment compensation. Eligible customers must meet guidelines based on household income, exemptions, and heating costs. The HHC may only be used to pay for home heating costs (gas, propane, oil) and may not be used for your electric bill unless you use electric heat at your home. The Michigan Department of Treasury determines eligibility and issues the payment vouchers (energy drafts).

You do not need to file a state income tax return to receive the HHC. Forms are available at most public libraries, post offices, and Secretary of State offices. The form can also be found online by searching for “Michigan home heating credit claim”. You must file (postmark) your claim by September 30 each year. For more information, search the web for “Michigan home heating credit utility tips”.

You may designate that your HHC is payable directly to PIE&G or to other registered heat providers. The name on the HHC must match the name on the account. Everyone named on the HHC must sign it to authorize payment.

Contact: U.S. Treasury Department, Internal Revenue Service

The Earned Income Credit (EIC) is a refundable federal income tax credit for low- income working individuals and families who meet certain requirements and file a tax return. Those who qualify will owe less in taxes and may get a refund. Even a person who does not generally owe income tax can qualify for the EIC, but must file a tax return to do so. If you are married, you must file jointly to qualify. To file, fill out Form 1040 or 1040A and attach the EIC.

Contact: Local Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Office

You do not have to be a client of the DHHS to apply for help through the SER. This program is available year-round, subject to availability of funds, to assist low-income households that have a shut off notice for heat or electric or a need for deliverable fuel. If you receive an DHHS cash grant, you may vendor part of that grant towards heat and electric bills. Contact your DHHS caseworker for information on the advantages of vendoring a cash grant. For additional information, contact your local DHHS office or call 1-844-464-3447.

Contact: Local Community Action Agency

Michigan’s Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) is a federally funded, low-income residential energy conservation program. WAP provides free home energy conservation services to eligible low-income homeowners and renters. These weatherization services can help you reduce your energy use and lower your utility bills. If you qualify, a trained inspector will assess your home and determine which conservation measures will be the most beneficial for you. Weatherization steps may include adding cauking and weather stripping; wall, basement, and attic insulation and ventilation; and smoke detectors. Eligibility is based on your household income being at or below 150% of the federal poverty guidelines. If you participate in the Family Independence Program administered by the Department of Health and Human Services or receive Supplemental Security Income, you automatically qualify for this program. Contact your local Community Action Agency for more information.

Contact: Presque Isle Electric & Gas Co-op

You are protected from service shut-off for nonpayment of your natural gas and/or electric bill for up to 21 days if you or a member of your household has a proven medical emergency. You must provide written proof from a doctor or a notice from a public health official stating that the shut-off of service will aggravate your existing medical emergency. The certificate must identify the medical emergency and specify the period of time during which the shut-off will aggravate the emergency. If you or a member of your household requires home medical equipment or a life support system, you must provide documentation from a physician or medical facility identifying the typed of equipment or life support system being used in the home and the physician’s certification that an interruption of service would be immediately life-threatening. If shut-off of service has occurred without any postponement being obtained, the utility shall restore service at no cost to the customer for 21 days. The medical emergency form can be extended and shut off can be postponed for a total of 63 days in any 12-month period per household member. Annually, the utility is not required to grant shutoff extensions totaling more than 126 days per household.

Contact: Presque Isle Electric & Gas Co-op

If you or your spouse has been called to active military duty, you may apply for shut- off protection from your electric or natural gas service for up to 90 days. You will still be required to pay, but your utility company will help you set up a payment plan.

Billing Options

If your utility bills fluctuate greatly from month to month, you can get control with our tailor-made Budget Billing plan. With Budget Billing, your utility bills will stay roughly the same every month year-round, despite changes in the weather. Your monthly payment is based on your past energy use.

The Budget Billing plan starts annually in October and runs through September. Each September, we re-balance your account to reconcile your payments during the budget year to actual use. If you used more energy than you paid for, we’ll add the amount to your bill. We’ll credit your account if you overpay us or use less than your estimated monthly usage.

Contact a Member Services representative by calling our office at 1-800-423-6634 for more information.

Help Agencies

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services

All utility assistance applications MUST start with the MI Dept. of Health and Human Services.  There are three options to apply: call the primary DHHS number, go online or in person (walk in) to your local DHHS office in your county of residence.

After you have submitted all necessary documentation, DHHS usually makes a review and determination within ten (10) days.  If assistance is denied, DHHS usually will refer you to apply at one of the other agencies (below).

Primary Contact Phone 1-844-464-3447

410 E. Main St.
Harrisville, MI  48740

711 West Chisholm
Alpena, MI  49707

827 South Huron St.
Cheboygan, MI 49721

13210 M 33
Atlanta, MI  49709

200 W. Fifth St.
Mio, MI 48647

164 N. Fourth St.
Rogers City, MI  49779

Other Help Agencies

NOTE: You must first apply to the MI Dept. of Health and Human Services (listed above).  DHHS will usually make a determination within ten (10) days after you have submitted all necessary documents.  DHHS will contact you regarding your application and may refer you to one of the other agencies.

FEMA (Westminster Presbyterian Church)

Telephone:  989-358-4713
Fax:  989-354-8399

Alpena County: 989-358-2769
Cheboygan County: 231-627-9003
All other counties:  989-723-9753

Alcona County: 989-736-6271
Alpena County: 989-354-3671
Montmorency County: 989-379-4052


If you need help – Dial 2-1-1 Northeast Michigan

E-mail and chat available at or call 1-888-636-4211

Dial 2-1-1 and talk to a trained professional about the hundreds of health and human services available in Northeast Michigan.

2-1-1 is a one-stop service that saves time and frustration by connecting people in need with hundreds of health and human service organizations throughout Northeast Michigan.

What kind of help is available?

Referrals for: Food / Housing / Utilities / Child Care / Home Repair / Emergency Shelter / Clothing / Legal Aid / Literacy / Transportation / Substance Abuse / Senior Issues / Disability Information / Medical & Dental Care / Prescriptions / Mental Health & More