Presque Isle Electric & Gas Co-Op Urges Vigilance in Response to Impersonation Incident

July 17, 2023- Presque Isle Electric & Gas Co-Op (PIE&G) is issuing an alert to its members and the community regarding an incident involving an individual impersonating a PIE&G employee. The cooperative encourages heightened vigilance and urges anyone approached by suspicious individuals to exercise caution and promptly contact the authorities.

Recently, PIE&G received reports of a male in the Wolverine area impersonating one of its employees. The individual was seen driving a 90s model Blue Ford Pickup, which did not display any identifying markings or name. Notably, the impersonator was wearing a PIE&G shirt but did not introduce themselves with proper identification or nametag.

According to the accounts received, the impersonator claimed that if residents paid him a $100 fee, they would install their internet immediately. However, the members alerted the impersonator that they had already paid the fee, resulting in the individual becoming agitated and leaving the premises.

PIE&G would like to emphasize that it never requests cash payments in the field for internet services. Moreover, the cooperative always schedules appointments for in-home installations and will never show up unannounced. Members are advised to be cautious and follow certain precautions when approached by individuals claiming to be PIE&G employees or its affiliates:

  1.  Always ask for identification: Before allowing anyone into their homes for the purpose of internet installation or any other services, members should request proper identification. PIE&G employees and affiliates allowed to enter your home are required to carry identification badges with their name and photo prominently displayed.
  2. Schedule appointments: PIE&G always sets up appointments for in-home installations. If someone claiming to be a PIE&G employee shows up unannounced, members should exercise caution and not grant access until verifying the appointment with the cooperative’s customer service hotline.
  3. Report suspicious activities: If members or community members encounter similar circumstances or have any reason to believe they are being approached by an impersonator, they should immediately contact local law enforcement or PIE&G’s customer service hotline at (800)423-6634.

Presque Isle Electric & Gas Co-Op has reported the impersonation incident to law enforcement and will cooperate in any way possible. The safety and security of our members and the community remain the cooperative’s top priority.

PIE&G extends its appreciation to the vigilant members who reported the incident promptly, helping to ensure the safety and well-being of the community.

For further information or to report any suspicious activities related to this incident, please contact PIE&G’s customer service hotline at (800) 423-6634.

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