In 2019, PIE&G launched several ambitious projects, including constructing a new headquarters building after 60 years, deploying new smart-grid technology, and completing a feasibility study for fiber internet. With all the changes underway, there was discussion about whether a name change and new logo might be appropriate to reflect the new era at the cooperative. PIE&G wanted to hear from its members on these issues and enlisted a third party to select a focus group of members and conduct a survey to learn what members’ perceptions were concerning the latest projects and business developments.

The member feedback was overwhelmingly positive about the co-op and its direction. The member group shared a common belief that the co-op was a trusted and reliable electric and natural gas provider and affirmed that pursuit of the fiber project not only made good business sense, but that bringing high-speed internet service to the area was a much-needed and highly desirable project. The consensus was twofold: PIE&G should retain its name in keeping with the co-op’s long-standing reputation as a valued provider in northeast Michigan, and that a new tagline should be incorporated to reflect PIE&G’s past and future. The group suggested a new tagline of “Connected—Trusted—Reliable.”

PIE&G’s name will remain in keeping with these recommendations. The existing logo has been updated to reflect its electric and natural gas divisions better while incorporating the new tagline (shown above). Furthermore, as announced in our July/August issue of Country Lines, PIE&G formed a new, separate division for fiber, called PIE&G Connect. On behalf of PIE&G’s management and directors, we extend sincere thanks and appreciation to the members who participated in the focus group and gave us their valuable feedback.