Presque Isle Electric & Gas Co-op (PIE&G) is pleased to announce the formation of a new division for its fiber broadband operations called “PIE&G Connect”.  The new fiber division is separate from PIE&G’s electric and natural gas divisions, and will be represented by a new logo (above).

The logo selection was a collaborative effort to reflect the co-op’s legacy, incorporating a historic feature of the Great Lakes, while spotlighting the forward-facing vision that fiber broadband will usher in for the cooperative. The logo design includes an iconic lighthouse familiar to Michiganders along the shores of Lake Huron in northeastern Michigan. The lighthouse is embellished with crashing “waves” depicted by fiber strands, echoing the purpose of the new fiber division: to deliver the power of fiber internet to members. The colors of the logo draw from the cooperative’s current branding, with the deep red of the existing PIE&G logo with added dark blue gradient accents.

CEO Tom Sobeck said, “Our new fiber logo captures our vision for what fiber internet will bring to our cooperative members: a modern future that’s still firmly rooted in what makes our cooperative and service territory unique. Just as we made history bringing electricity and “lights” to local farmers and small towns of rural northeast Michigan in 1937, and natural gas in 1994, we’re doing it again with fiber.”

Mairè Chagnon-Hazelman, Director of Communications and Marketing added, “The emblematic PIE&G Connect lighthouse is a perfect representation of our mission of bringing essential services to members throughout our history. We believe the symbolism of our new fiber logo representing PIE&G Connect as a beacon of light aptly integrates our past with our future.”

PIE&G announced the fiber broadband project in February as a multi-year deployment that will encompass 3,220 miles of fiber, eventually offering fiber internet access to members receiving electric service throughout its entire territory.  PIE&G will publish its construction plan in the upcoming July-August Country Lines magazine mailing the week of July 5th, and will post the phased plan on its website (