PIE&G’s Member Service Reps have recently received a few member inquiries regarding suspicious phone calls. In one scenario, several members reported receiving a phone message stating there’s a “problem with your gas account” and to immediately call “Mary” or “Brenda Jackson” at a non-PIE&G phone number. Another scenario involved phone solicitations to switch to a new gas company “to save money”.

PIE&G wants you to know that neither of these calls originated with your co-op. The first scenario is clearly a scam. The second relates to a program called customer choice, which is not available to PIE&G members.

Most member communication is by written postcard, letter, monthly billing, “The Spotlight” newsletter, and Country Lines magazine. If you enrolled in PIE&G’s SmartHub notifications, we will communicate electronically according to your preferences (text or email) regarding your account. We also post news and articles on pieg.com and Facebook.

Occasionally, we will make automated recorded calls to update you for planned outages, power restorations, or billing reminders. If PIE&G must initiate phone contact, we will identify ourselves and you can verify our caller identification [(989) 733-8515 or toll- free 1-800-423-6634]. PIE&G will never call you to ask for personal information such as bank or credit card numbers or your social security number. We offer secure phone or online payment options that are only initiated by you.

Finally, our Energy Optimization team will occasionally contact members on our behalf by letter or postcard, and they may follow up by a phone call.

If you have any questions about your PIE&G account, please call us to inquire. We’re here to help.