Here are some resources to help you find ways to reduce your energy use.

Heating and Cooling:

Water heating and conservation:

  • Reduce the temperature of your hot water heater to 120F or less
  • Install a low flow shower head
  • Wash clothes in cold water
  • Run full loads in the washing machine and dishwasher
  • If available, use the energy savings settings on your dishwasher and washing machine
  • Consider air drying your clothes – saves energy, money and keeps your clothes lasting longer.
  • Take shorter showers

Electronics and Home Appliances:

  • Consider replacing that old, second refrigerator in the basement – This calculator determines how much energy your refrigerator is using
  • Plug home electronics into a power strip and turn off when not in use. Or unplug appliances that you rarely use (when was the last time you used that VCR?)
  • Don’t keep your refrigerator and freezer too cold. Set temperature between 36-38 degrees F and freezers at 0-5 degrees

Other Energy-saving Tips: